About Us

Welcome to Maine Coon Giant, we have high-quality Maine Coon kittens. We have Maine Coon cats for sale. We are Maine Coon breeders who are based in the state of Nebraska. All our Kittens comes with TICA registration papers as pets only with no breeding rights unless on special conditions which will be further discussed with the owner . Our Cattery Company licensed is still pending with TICA as we recently applied for a company License with them to be advertised on The international cat association’s listing.

The breeders listed on The international cat association are Paid Advertisements from the members who have signed the Breeder Code of Ethics for registered members of the international cat association. Yet the association makes no representations or warranties with respect to any of the breeding or business practices of any of the cattery listed. The International cat association provides registration to all breeders with registered Sires and Dams registered with, and will only list member who buy a spot for their cattery to be advertised on the international cat association’s listing. We sell Maine Coon kittens in a variety of colors, including rare colors such as red and tortoiseshell occasionally. Before we breed our cats, we ensure that our maine coon all undergo thorough health checks to make sure that they are free of any genetic conditions that could be passed on to their offspring. While based in Nebraska, we have successfully shipped a number Maine coon cats to other parts of the country such as Oregon, Michigan, Missouri, Washington etc and other countries like Canada, Australia, Germany, France and others when people purchase Maine coons. We always send every maine coon or kittens on a pet flight accompanied by a pet sitter.


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